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In front of the Ex Colonia Marina, a building dating back to 1831 and now used for various purposes, including an Nursing home, it is a beach completely free. It has a beautiful, dense pine forest behind it, where the shade of tall maritime pines can be enjoyed. It is very wide and very well maintained and clean.

The sea water is very clear and, especially in the morning, it is possible to admire the passage of many small fish. The presence of posidonia testifies to the cleanliness of the water, a 'certificate' of quality.

Picnics can be enjoyed in the pine forest, although two big bathing establishments with a bar and restaurant nearby also allow users to arrive with just their towels!

It is a family-friendly beach

Part of the Tomboli State Nature Reserve, the Pineta di Follonica is a true oasis of green that stretches for kilometres, offering visitors a unique experience of relax and nature.

Divided from the city into two parts, the Pineta di Levante and the Pineta di Ponente, it offers different experiences to adults and children alike. A nature reserve just outside the city, perfect in summer to find refreshment from the high temperatures and in winter to enjoy peace and silence.

In the areas less frequented, it is not uncommon to find spontaneous dune plants, such as the rare Sea Lily, or to hear the characteristic song of the Green Woodpecker. The pine forests are criss-crossed by a network of paths that can be travelled on foot or by bicycle.

In the areas closer to the town there are also playgrounds for children and fitness facilities for those who want to keep fit!

A short ring-route around Poggio Saracino.

The atmosphere is nonetheless evocative and offers a good cross-section of what the park is all about.
The forest diversifies into tall trees on the north-facing side and Mediterranean scrub with many brooms, strawberry trees and junipers.

Along the walk, it is not difficult to come across fallow deer and wild boar.

A short hike, but quite demanding due to the rather impervious climbs.

Along paths and ancient cross-country and ridge paths, you reach Pievaccia, a sort of fortified parish church from the top of which you can enjoy an incomparable panorama over the Val di Pecora. Lake Bicocchi, a beautiful artificial lake lying among the dense woods of the Park, is another remarkable place touched by the excursion.

6.0 km
+ 150 m difference in height
Time required: 2h 00'
Difficulty: medium


Established in 1971, the Poggio Tre Cancelli Integral Nature Reserve is located within the Montioni Park.

A magical place where time seems to stand still, and where the forest reigns supreme. Centuries-old trees, such as the Holm Oak, rise up towards the sky, creating an atmosphere of quiet and peace. Wildlife that has found its home here include the wolf and the wild cat.

The Reserve was born as a true natural laboratory where vegetation is free to evolve without any human intervention. All use of the area is therefore forbidden, with access strictly prohibited.

A perimeter path, however, allows it to be admired from afar, without disturbing the balance of this fragile ecosystem.
The Poggio Tre Cancelli Integral Nature Reserve is a place to be experienced with respect and admiration, to discover the wild beauty of the Maremma.

In the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, surrounded by luxuriant woods, Mediterranean maquis and breathtaking views, lies the Montioni Park, a protected area of 8,000 hectares that preserves a unique biodiversity and a rich historical heritage.

The park is located just inland from Follonica and covers the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno, touching no less than five municipalities.

The park is characterised by a very high biodiversity with a varied flora and fauna that includes even rare animals such as the Wolf, the Wildcat and the Marten. Explore the unspoilt trails on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and admire the lush flora with Mediterranean maquis and rare orchids and tall forests.

The latter were historically important for the production of firewood and charcoal, the latter largely destined for the grand ducal foundries of Follonica.

The Montioni Park is also of historical and archaeological interest thanks to the ancient alunite quarries, dating back to the time of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi. Here you can also visit the medieval remains of la Pievaccia and the ancient castle of Montioni Vecchio, a stronghold dominating the valley.

A magical place where nature, history and culture come together in perfect harmony.

Play Area Tony's owes its name to a club that used to be right behind it in the 1980s.

It is a sandy area with very fine, white sand and a very long beach! Because of this, over the years it has become a meeting place for young people from Follonica first, and tourists later, in their teens. The beach is equipped with volleyball nets and showers and is overflowing with youth.

In August there are fantastic Beach Party evenings where everyone, but especially the young people, dance, sing and have fun until late at night.

Tony's Play Area is a beach that lives 24 hours a day

The 'Alessio Galgani' play area was created in 2017, on the Levante beach in the Senzuno area.

It was strongly desired by Mayor Andrea Benini, in memory of Alessio Galgani, a child from Follonica who died prematurely following a serious illness in December 2016, and who had grown up and taken his first steps on that very beach. The beach serves as a perfect place for kids to have fun, and in the summer it is also equipped with football goals, an enclosed court and a volleyball net.

Charity beach soccer tournaments are often organised there, but it is accessible to anyone who wants to enter and enjoy the beach
This has made the play area even more of a meeting place for young people, giving them a dedicated space to have fun.

Once a year, generally in August, the play area also hosts the "Alessio Galgani" Memorial, a 2-day Beach Soccer tournament to remember Alessio, in the place where he grew up, in which hundreds of children and teens participate.

It is certainly the most beautiful beach in Follonica. Situated in Pratoranieri, in the far north of Follonica's coastline, it is very close to the municipality of Piombino (province of Livorno).

Just cross a small bridge and you find yourself in another municipality and another province! In fact, Follonica is the last town in the vast province of Grosseto. “Il Boschetto” beach is wide and white, completely sandy, with a clear, transparent sea. There are sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing schools here.

At “Il Boschetto” it is possible to relax and picnic in the pine forest: the beach is reached by crossing a beautiful pine forest. Not far away there are, however, bars and restaurants can be reached on foot.

Beyond the little bridge, a few steps away, are the famous beaches of Torre mozza and Carbonifera.

It is located in the central southern area of the city, between the centre and the Senzuno area, both districts are divided by the mouth of the Torrente Pietraia.

The beach is a very convenient area, which can also be reached on foot while walking your dog. It is 120 sq. m. of fine sand, in which dogs can do whatever they like, provided their owners are equipped with everything they need, even for cleaning up! A lot of fun even for those who don't own a dog, as the mere sight of such happy animals running, jumping, bathing and, it doesn't seem real, even making friends with each other, if they meet on the beach several days in a row.

The beach is free.

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