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Thermal Baths of Elisa Bonaparte

Thermal Baths of Elisa Bonaparte

At the beginning of the 19th century, right next to the alum quarries, a village was founded in the Montioni Park by the will of Elisa, Napoleon Bonaparte's sister, and later named 'Comune di Montioni Elisa'.

In the village, there was a private thermal bath!
Only the Princess of Piombino could use it!

In the Park, in fact, there were sulfur springs, and the water flowed at a high temperature (about 31° Celsius). Initially, there were 2 pools that had been brought there, no less than from the laboratories of Antonio Canova. Today, one is located in Follonica, inside the forest ranger's garden, where it remained after a restoration at the end of the 19th century, while the other was taken to the Island of Elba.

How to get there: In the center of Follonica, by car, parking area Ex Ilva. On foot, by bike, or scooter in the garden of the Grand Ducal Palace - now the headquarters of the forest ranger. AT-BUS stop at Bicocchi-Ilva. Accessible.
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