Visit Follonica

The Sea Gate

From the work of artist Riccardo Grazzi is possibile to see the part of the Gulf of Follonica

The monument located in Piazza Guerrazzi, better known as "Piazza a Mare" and sometimes also referred to as the "Gateway of Mystery", is a contemporary sculpture, the work of artist Riccardo Grazzi.

Its well-planned location allows visitors to see the part of the Gulf of Follonica that overlooks Punta Ala, the Island of the Sparrowhawk and the Island of Montecristo, through an arched crevice accessed by climbing three steps.

Through it, and above all beyond it, it is possible to imagine there being anything, but above all the sea and wonderful sunrises in the series... towards infinity and beyond!


How to get there: - It is located in Piazza Guerrazzi, on the seafront in the centre of Follonicaa. - It can be reached on foot, by bike, scooter, and anything that is not motorized. - AT-BUS (local bus): ROMA-ZARA stop. Partially accessible.
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