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The Big Gate

The Cancello Magonale is unique in the world and the symbol of Follonica

It provided access to the Imperial Foundries.
Today it is the symbol of Follonica.

Built and sculpted entirely in cast iron, it is unique in the world.

The Cancello Magonale, better known by the inhabitants of Follonica and later to everyone as "Il Cancellone", was built at the behest of Grand Duke Leopold II in 1831, thanks to Alessandro Manetti and Carlo Reishammer, who were directly commissioned by the Grand Duke to take care of the various reclamation projects in the Maremma and to have the two monuments that still characterise Follonica today erected: the portico of the church of San Leopoldo (also entirely in cast iron) and, precisely, the main entrance of the foundries. Its style is typically neoclassical.

The Big Gate, in the shape of an arch, was supposed to have a special and specific meaning: to exalt the importance of what was manufactured in the establishment, namely cast iron, and the potential that this material had in its use. Everything that could be done with cast iron.

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