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Hydraulic Toll Booth in Follonica

19th century building commissioned by Grand Duke Leopold II Lorena

It was built on Via Roma, now a pedestrian street and the central avenue of the city, to accommodate workers engaged in the reclamation of the area and at the behest of the Grand Duke.

It certainly dates back to the early 1800s.
In fact, it is already mentioned on a map depicting Follonica in 1846.

It has the common structure of all hydraulic tollgates built at that time: a turret at its centre, whose uniqueness, compared to other tollgates, is on the inside; in fact, it is climbed via a spiral staircase made entirely of cast iron built by the Royal Imperial Foundries of the city.

Today, the Toll Booth houses a branch of the municipal offices.

How to get there:

  • It is located in the center of Follonica and can be reached by using the free parking spots inside the Ex Ilva Park, but you can also walk or bike there (remember that bikes must be carried by hand on Via Roma).
  • By local bus, you must get off at the "Roma-San Leopoldo" stop or at the "Bicocchi-Ilva" stop next to the Big Gate.
Accessibility: The Hydraulic Toll Booth even not accessible inside, it is reachable from the beautiful garden at the back. Suitable for children. Guided tours are available.
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