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Follonica Ferris Wheel: An Exciting Breathtaking View!

Hop on the Follonica Ferris Wheel and be captivated by a breathtaking view

  • Admire Follonica from above: the city, the sea, and the coastline unfold before your eyes in an unforgettable panorama.
  • Symbol of summer: the Ferris Wheel is an iconic attraction of Follonica, operating from June 1st to late August.
  • Light show: in the evening, the wheel lights up, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere visible throughout the city.

The Follonica Ferris Wheel is open in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Price: 5 euros.

  • A family attraction: children and adults will enjoy this unique experience.
  • An opportunity to capture memories: take panoramic photos and breathtaking selfies to share with friends and family.
Follonica Ferris Wheel Piazza a Mare Piazza Guerrazzi, Follonica, GR Italy
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