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Church of San Leopoldo

The Cast Iron Church in Follonica

There are three phases that characterise the birth of the Church of San Leopoldo:
Construction in 1823, Consecration in 1838 with work still in progress, and finally completed in 1841.

The church represents one of the very few examples worldwide, which have many elements of the structure made of cast iron. It is known everywhere, in fact, as the Cast Iron Church.

St Leopold's is in the shape of a Latin cross and its pronaos supported by a colonnade of 12 cast iron columns and surrounded by a balustrade also made of cast iron worked as if it were embroidery is very famous!

Parts of the furnishings inside are also made of cast iron.
In the right transept, there is a funeral ornament dedicated to an engineer who was director of the Mines and Iron Foundries at the time: Raffaello Sivieri.

In the centre of the altar, the tabernacle by Nencini is very interesting.
On the left side of the nave is the Madonna Ilvana, carved on the wall on a cast iron casting, right behind the very tall baptismal font, which itself has a pedestal made entirely of cast iron.

At the end of the 20th century (1998), due to these unique features, the Church of San Leopoldo became a National Monument.

How to get there: San Leopoldo is located in the centre of Follonica and to visit it, parking is possible within the Ex Ilva Area. -It can be reached on foot or by bicycle from any part of the city -By AT-BUS the stop is "Roma San Leopoldo". The Chiesa della Ghisa is accessible. -Free entrance -Suitable for children -Guided tours available -Pets not allowed.
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