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Follos 1838 is the historical reenactment that takes place every second Sunday of May in the center of the city of Follonica.

The protagonist of the event is the 19th century, specifically the historical period of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The reenactment stages the visit of Grand Duke Leopold II to Follonica on the occasion of the consecration ceremony of the church of San Leopoldo, which took place on May 10, 1838.

The event begins in the morning, when the parade participates in the mass celebrated for the occasion right in the church of San Leopoldo.

At the end of the mass, the activities move near the Grand Ducal Palace (Via Bicocchi), the former summer residence of the Grand Duke. In the afternoon, the reenactment comes to life.

The parade, composed of extras dressed as "Follonichesi" of the time, begins its route through the streets of the center, and then returns back to the former Ilva area, where games among extras take place, such as tug of war between the districts. To enrich the day, there is also a nineteenth-century ball with waltz, polka, and quadrille dances.

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