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Scarlino, a thousand-year-old village between sea and history

Le sue origini risalgono alla preistoria, ma è con gli Etruschi che il borgo torna a vivere, come testimoniano i forni fusori per la lavorazione del ferro. In epoca romana, Scarlino si spopola nuovamente, per poi rinascere nel Medioevo.

The origins of Scarlino date back to prehistoric times, but it is with the Etruscans that the village came back to life, as evidenced by the smelting furnaces for ironworking. In Roman times, Scarlino depopulated again, only to be reborn in the Middle Ages.

From the end of the year 1000, Scarlino was transformed into a fortified village, assuming a role of primary importance also from a rural point of view. In the 12th century, Scarlino became a Pisan enclave, as evidenced by a document issued by Frederick Barbarossa in 1162. Pisan domination lasted until 1400, when the village passed to the Appiani family, lords of Piombino.

Scarlino is not only an ancient village, but also a seaside resort of great beauty.
Its crystal-clear sea, golden beaches and unspoilt Mediterranean maquis make it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

What are you waiting for?
Come and discover the timeless charm of Scarlino!

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