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Roccastrada: a journey across time and beauty

Discover Roccastrada and its surroundings and experience a journey across time and beauty

Roccastrada is a jewel set in an ancient magmatic rock called trachyte. Its elevated position, about 480 metres above sea level, offers a breathtaking spectacle: the panorama extends all the way to the coast on clear days, offering matchless emotions.

Its origins are still shrouded in mystery: the earliest archive documents mentioning it date back to 1140. Nevertheless, the charm of this land needs no written history to be appreciated.

Among its most fascinating attractions are the Church of San Niccolò and the Vine and Wine Museum. The church, erected before the end of the 13th century, holds priceless artistic treasures, including two frescoes that tell ancient stories: the Annunciation and the Madonna and Child.

The Vine and Wine Museum, set in the charming little square in the Clock Tower, is a tribute to the farming culture that has shaped the area over the centuries. Its rooms, carved into the rock on which the town centre stands, tell a fascinating story of the origins and traditions linked to wine production.

Roccastrada, on the other hand, is more than this. There is more to Roccastrada than this, however. Part of a wider treasure, it includes the beautiful village of Montemassi and the picturesque hamlets of Roccatederighi and Sassofortino. The latter can be reached from the majestic castle of Sassoforte, a symbol of ancient grandeur and pride.

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