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Montieri: a journey through history, nature and geology

In the heart of the Tuscan Mining Geopark lies Montieri, an ancient village that guards a precious treasure: its millennial history.

Since medieval times, Montieri was renowned for the extraction of silver, copper and iron. Its mines fuelled the economies of Volterra and Siena, which battled for possession of this strategic village.

Montieri also included other fortified villages, such as Travale and Gerfalco, created to protect the mines and the wealth of the territory. The most powerful families, from the Pannocchieschi to the Aldobrandeschi, up to the Empire itself, became involved in the disputes over this coveted territory.

Near Travale is a symbol of the natural beauty of this land: a monumental tree called 'the Giant Dogwood'.

Montieri is not only history. Its territory offers breathtaking landscapes and unique geological formations. The path that leads to the Cornate di Gerfalco reveals quarries of red ammonitic limestone, a precious material used for the Cathedral of Siena. The Roste, copper sulphate waste that colours the ground pink, are a testimony to the mining activity.

Montieri is an ideal place for history, nature and trekking enthusiasts. Come and discover its secrets and be surrounded by a unique atmosphere!

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